First Air Taxi Drone Flying at International Airport


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On 29 August, 2019 at 11 am local time in Helsinki, the Volocopter performed a historic flight. The Volocopter 2X was integrated into the airspace of Helsinki international airport. This was the first time an eVTOL airtaxi has flown fully integrated into the air traffic management system at an international airport.

The Volocopter 2X flew integrated into the #UTM and #ATM at Helsinki Airport. As the final of seven #GOF_USPACE demos within the Sesar Joint Undertaking, this was a big step towards safe and efficient integration of drones and airtaxis into airspace.

Within the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) Programme this demonstration is the final leg of the Gulf of Finland (GOF) u-space project showing how ATM and UTM systems enable Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Urban environments require reliable solutions to enable safe airspace operations given the increasing number of drones and manned aircraft over cities. The GOF U-space flight trial demonstrated how ATM and UTM can act in combination to enable safe and efficient air taxi operation in urban environments, including airports.

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