Rolls-Royce Flying Taxi (eVTOL) - Everything you need to know | Quick Facts

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Here is everything you need to know about the Rolls-Royce Flying Taxi (Quick Facts)

- The design is focused on "personal air mobility" for congested cities
- It can carry from four to five passengers
- Has 805 km range and a peak speed of 402k/h
- It is not purely electric. It uses gas turbines to produce 500kW to power its six electric propellers
- The initial concept uses an M250 gas turbine embedded within the rear of the aircraft and modified as part of a hybrid electric propulsion system
- The propellers are designed to have a low noise profile.
- It has high energy density battery to provide additional climb power.
- The wings are able to rotate 90 degrees, enabling the vehicle to take off or land vertically.
- Expected to the skies in the early 2020s
- It's going to rival Lilium, Cora, Uber Air and BlackFly

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