EHang AAV's first public "drone taxi" demonstration of passenger flight in Vienna | EHang


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In April 4th, 2019, 17 journalists experienced the high-tech, completely autonomous "air taxi" in operation for the first time in Vienna.

What is air taxi?

As crowds are pouring into the city, life speeds up, traffic gets denser, and urbanization is close to collapse. We can see more and more roads, tunnels, bridges, still don't solve the problem.

The electrical, vertical takeoff and landing (eVTL), autopilot air taxi could be the best solution.

That's why varies magnates start to invest in this industry, to be exact, it is Urban Air Mobility industry, which is an emerging aspect of air transportation for human and goods in the near future. A new Blue Paper from Morgan Stanley Research projected a total addressable market of $1.5 trillion for autonomous aircraft by 2040.

At CES 2016, EHang officially launched the world’s very first electric AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) for low-airspace short-distance air transportation. EHang AAV has 2 seats, 8 arms and 16 propeller.

With the core concepts of autopilot, full redundancy safety design and cluster management by intelligent command and control center, pilots are no longer necessary for a flight, while passengers only need to click the “take-off” button to fly to the selected destination.

EHang will provide every passenger a truly enjoyable journey by the safe and intelligent autopilot system.

So far, EHang has conducted lots of flight demonstrations under various conditions, in Guangzhou, Amsterdam, Doha, Vienna, etc, including manned flight.

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